He has been the voice of Rugby League on Sky Sports, and Eddie Hemmings commentated on his last ever game, when Wigan Warriors took on St Helens on Good Friday.

Hemmings throughout his time with Sky Sports has been a part of some of the most iconic moments in Super League’s history, and ‘Wide to West’ is the most famous and memorable moments.

And it is that moment that top’s Hemmings’ most memorable moment list: “It was 19 years ago; can you believe that? It was the year 2000 in the play-offs.

“That is the iconic moment that I will take into retirement with me. It has been described as Rugby League’s similar moment to the immortal lines of ‘you think it’s all over, well it is now’ from the 1966 Football World Cup.

“And that will do for me – if I can leave that legacy behind.”

Now, his next moment is a moment you’ll probably find on a TV programme like ‘You’ve been framed’ and there’s no wonder why it’s so memorable for Hemmings, it involves his sidekick ‘Stevo’ (Mike Stephenson) at a Safari Park.

“We were going around the country telling people about Rugby League and to enjoy the countryside with places nearby then go to Super League.

“For St Helens, we went to Knowsley Safari Park which wasn’t too far away from the Knowsley Ground.

“Stevo wanted to go into the Ostrich pen, he had a maroon scarf on, and they kept pecking away at the scarf, so he took it off to try and get rid of them.

“BANG, one of the Ostrich’s snapped his ear, and the blood just squirted all over the place. I collapsed and he collapsed – I could hardly breathe I was laughing so much – he’s still got the scar to this day,” laughed Hemmings.

Throughout his time in Super League, Hemmings has commentated on some of the greatest Rugby League players; Paul Sculthorpe, Jamie Peacock, Andy Farrell, the list is endless, and his favourite may come as a surprise…

“My favourite player is Lee Briers of Warrington Wolves.

“I don’t think he’s ever got the recognition he’s deserved, he only made one appearance at international level for Great Britain and he was a talisman for the Welsh team.

“He was a maverick and a player who played off the cuff, I could have picked anyone from a list of players, the list is endless, so when I’m asked, I say Lee Briers to see what reaction I get,” admitted Hemmings.

Hemmings’ last game will be the derby game at 3PM when Wigan Warriors host St Helens, and he explained his emotions: “I’ve been completely and overwhelmed by the messages, texts, emails and interviews, as well as ordinary people on the street.

“It is now starting to kick in, there’s been a couple of celebrations this week already, there’s more to come and I’m going to be really emotional on the day. All my family will be at the game tomorrow thanks to Super League for organising that for me.

“It was an emotional day” he said.

State of Mind would like to thank Eddie for his support during the many years when the mental fitness, State of Mind round has taken place since 2011, thank you!